Muhammad saw, the idol

assalamualaikum wbth...;

last on the maulidur rasul day, selawat to him. gotta do it every moments.
insyaAllah, a better his ummat to go!!!
go go, zaf!
ACCIDENTLY i switchrd to tv9.. tgok2 ade ceramah the host was IMAM SUHAIBB WEBB..

                                                    look.. it's him Imam Suhaib Webb

his speech really get me realized.
am i good muslim? am i good umatti of MUHAMMAD SAW?
those question raced in my head.

alhamdullillah it's still not exploded. he he told about an story..
well my abah had told the same story tu... one day, all of the sahabat made a new mimbar for him.. and tongkat yang selalu digunakan masa baca khutbah tu pun kayu yang baru... the the old tongkat cried!!!
the old tongkat missed Rasullullah saw very much..

then aku faham... adakah hati kita lagi keras daripada tongkat kayu tersebut??? then thats question made me think deeper... look.. we pray everyday.. alhamdullillah. but when we recite tahiyyat awal dan akhir... of course those tahiyat including selawat to Rasullah saw but i never get wet through it.. Ya Allah, forqive me!!

Ntah la... lately, i read back sirah Rasullullahsaw which i used to read when i was kid.
hehe... am i a kiddo anymore??
i already his sirah but x rugikan reading back the sirah ...
and do some research on it...
and try to implement it for the whole of my life..
islam kan syumul???
may Alllah blessed all of us!!


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