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Rambling on sickness

Assalamualaikum wbth :)

From all of those things that happened last night, night that everyone (for my course mates) should be studying for maths, final la kan. haha. But, we are having nice trip to hospital. 
I started to complain since evening lagi "asal aku penat sangat ah? " "haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (trying to breath so deeply).
after isya', the pain is getting painful. my chest is so tight but I still keep calm (padahal dah nangis2 sebab sakit sangat kat dapur). Nina thought the reason why I cried because i just don't finish yet covering maths for the next day. Hahaha yang tu lawak gila. just until my sayang-sayang (le housemates) insisted me to go to hospital. Mira cepat-cepat call jihah nak pinjam kereta. masa tu, my palms memang nak sejuk gila secara drastik. 
we went to ER, zana tolong register and I alone went to the ruang asma. Waiting for doctor more than five minutes after being checked by MA after he used stets. Then, doctor take over me and get the nebulize…