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read tunas really get me to the down memory lane gila! 

 . it's got its own point kan... jadi jiwang lak... a desss zaf.. what the heck did happen to you la....

another big time

zaman men aci ligan duduk

kupsis selamanya 2010-2012

mse kat kolej matrikulasi kedah minggu puteri nilah BADAR sye!! day b4 pend. islam paper. haru! tp miss it! =P afz ku syg =) hands up!! raya =) credict to yana umh tok yana lepas nih x jmpe korang dah.... *hugs* 5 NEKAD =) hands down.. miss that big time =)


salam alaik heh .. meet with u guys again =) There'r so many battle in our life! exm, love, politic and so on lah . all of that are battle but just in different form and flavour. uh?? rite? but foe me, (when i realized after finished read VERSUS by Hlovate), the most hardest battle is when we are against ourselves at some point. Yeah.

 At point, we have to roll with our own feelings. Choatic! From VERSUS, we could feel that it was quite painful to left everything behind even all those things were already keep stored well in our own blood, soul and even bones!! it's hard lah! the book was about " CHANGE" !! lORH.. cam barack obama la plak. heh change ourselves about 180 degree. From to (that's me), from the red jumpsuit apparatus and hey monday to UNIC, from indie to nasyid, From BEAST TO nasyid!!! Well, it was really hard!

BUT FOR my case! i already raised by my parents with implemented strictly in my home for me and the rest of my 6 adeks! h…