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Study and Da'waa

Assalamualaikum wbth...
The last week is totally a heart-broke week ever along  I'm here. Yes! Last week, I did enjoy to participate in PBL Biology Session where my my team requires to discuss about a man, that finally diagnosed to have hypoxemia and plus, have a history on pneumonia. Of course, for a moment, the picture of a group of physicians is discussing a bout their patients. Hahaha.... (berangan jadi doktor sebentar yang tak mungkin seindah yang disangka). Then, after finishing my very first PBL Sessions, some of my friends did asked me to terjah lecturer's room to get our chemistry test marks. I did have instinct that my my marks surely gone bad. I did read and revise but just don't no why i don't feel the zouq when studying. (masalah hati ???)
Then, the lecturer welcomed the four of us including me to get in his office. He asked us to sit first as he was already discussed something with two other my classmates. Just bumped in (exactly eav…

Off StairsTalk

kadang-kadang kita sengaja memekakkan teliga ini hanya perkara itu bertentang arus dengan kita kadang-kadang kita bangga dengan perkara... yang sama sekali... (sigh..)
sebab perkara tu dah jadi norm, so perkara tu tak salah lah?? benda yang salah dibiasakan  lama-lama jadi tak salah... camtu??
then, what the point kita ada al-quran untuk tentu mana salah dan mana betul kalau semua benda perlu justify?
sigh... kesan ghuzwatul fikr....
p/s : off. Wallahualam bi sawab. Ada PBL Session menanti!