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Zen Pencils : Penang Q&A Session

31st Jan 2016
Constant Gardener Coffee

I am not a morning person and so, I was rushing to get into ferry and shuttle bus to go Zen Pencils event (kind of Q&A session). Alhamdulillah, I arrived there before they started the session. Of course, I dragged along my sister to accompany me. Iced Mocha ordered.
The really good thing is that we felt such warm welcoming by the cafe owner, the cafe crews and all the Zen Pencils' fans. It is really good to have such a very positive vibes along the session. The cafe started to full with all the fans that waiting for the session. My sister and I kind of freezing there as I am quite worried if we couldn't get any seats. Suddenly, Gavin (the cartoonist of Zen Pencils) came out from the other side of the cafe (which is basically all the seats are there), and I got excited (hahaha). "Omg Omg Aiman, that's Gavin!". He actually looks way better than in pictures. Serious. He casually greeted me, "Hi, I'm Gavin" and of…