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Last two years, I was diagnosed by some pathological disease that only can be correct via surgery only. And after every appointment, medical checkups and doctor consultation - last two months I was hospitalized for that particular reason.

The only reason that I want to be warded is I just want to give a break for myself and being alone for a while. And I even insisted my mother not to company me.

I was so wrong in so many level.
It turn that I cannot face that one night loneliness depsite that choatic ward. The hydrocort that went in was so painful 😭😭.

The moments when they carried me to the OT, I was so scared and doubted whether this is the correct decision or not la.

Moments bila rasa takut gila and you really to hold somebody and turn out, ntah mcm mana umi dgn kakcik time tu stranded dekat ward. Probably kemas barang aku. Sumpah the feelings were even worser than kena maki dengan prof.

Lesson learnt : you cannot live alone. Try giving a space to trust somebody and ultimately, …

Post Movie Syndrome

Its just happen when you really fell in love with the characters. Tyler hawkins just another guy that can be put in the same level with Benz Alif and Augustus Waters.

[10/11 1:37 pm] Nur Zafirah: Sbb abg dia mati bunuh diri, so dia mcm directionless cmtu
[10/11 1:38 pm] Nur Zafirah: Tp at same time, dia jaga betul2 his sister
[10/11 1:38 pm] Nur Zafirah: The way he treat adik dia la
[10/11 1:39 pm] Nur Zafirah: Pastu come up with the girl
[10/11 1:40 pm] Nur Zafirah: Mcm pompuan ni boleh along with him even mase dia tgh shattered
[10/11 1:40 pm] Nur Zafirah: So i fall in love with tyler hawkins la

So, that happens when i just can't keep bottle up the excitements. Haha

The character of the girl that I always fond is how the girl can always together even come high or low water. How shattered the guy inside out, the girl still can remain there for him.

Just like Alicia to John Nash in Beautiful Mind

Just like Jane Wilde to Stephen Hawking in ToE (even they got divorced later on)