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Signal Kdrama

I just finished watching Signal Kdrama. Lee Je Hoon just had a new fan btw. Without the walkie-talkie that able Park Hae Young to communicate with a police officer in the year of 1989 until 2000, it might be ordinary drama. But the key signature of this drama managed to get me keep watching until the end without skipping the episodes. I like how have arranged all the cold case that they were solving in the year 2015 with the help from each year of the cases. 
The opening case of the drama is about a kidnapping of an elementary school girl who had been witnessed by Park Hae Young in the year 2001. How Park Hae Young able to remember every single thing to do his profiling thing is so amazing. The succeed of the cold case made the police set up a team that solves the famous cold case. 
The second case of Gyeonggi Nambu serial killers where it happened in 1989 also one of the favourite scenes where we can see the sweer romance of Lee Je han officer and how all the woman died tragically who …