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read. widening.minds

Assalamualaikum wbth (im smiling right now…wee hee)
Reading is something that I couldn’t detach from my very own blood and bones. Lately, I challenged myself to read more good books ( kinda that open up our minds, able to see things in new and diverse perspectives and definitely that feeds our souls , always Quran is in the top list). Just want to move ahead in my reading and of course, more mature I guess.
# Dilema aurat wanita ketika bersalin – Zaharuddin Mohamed

I just happened to see this awesome book at Popular Komtar on the way to visit Ust. Azizan at GHPP (May Allah bless him all the way long). Surely, I get to know the real situation whenever a muslimah, woman having such a dilemma during the delivery. It’s quite sad that you were in situation that your mughallazah aurat is exposed to non-mahrams. Yes, in Islam, we can priorities to save the live (menjaga nyawa) rather than covering the aurat (in this case) whenever we were in duarat situation. But, there are still so many thing…

eksplorasi media?


prejudis malam

Life is ongoing process that always have the phase of peak of hope and depth of despair that usually retard the emotion. Conflict the others’ thought which always prejudiced. 

Ya.  Prejudis manusia –manusia itu yang kadang-kadang mampu jeopardized sisi-sisi liku hidup orang itu. Prejudis membabi-buta itu yang meremukkan hati kecil yang sedang bina bata-bata untuk hati itu juga. Prejudis itu bisa sekali meruntuhkan keyakinan bak akar mencengkam bumi. Sungguh kuat bisa prejudis itu.
Hati kecil itu juga masih ada lagi secalit harapan yang pelangi tetap ada walaupun langit hitam bertebar, Hati kecil itu juga masih percaya bahawa awan hitam putih berkepul bertrillion bagaimanapun, mentari masih ada menyinari, Hati kecil itu sentiasa ada harapan bahawa pada Dia, Rabbul’Izzati yang Maha Adil untuk menghukum hati kecil  tanpa sebarang prejudis itu. 30052013 |20rejab1435H |8:57pm­­
Aku bukan puppet yang kau boleh katakan itu ini Aku bukan puppet yang mengiakan segala macam barua o…

this is virus

Assalamualaikum wbth

Carpal tunnel Syndrome, Mind-warming session. It's really menyakitkan-hati-jiwa-perut-limpa whenever in your heads, you got so many things to write up and post in but when the times come to type, it's halt! yes! enough to cause unbearable mental disorder.... yeah. it's totally make me like this
and this too, 
26th June 2013, I will enroll to do foundation once again in AUCMS after told, suggested by abah and pak teh. 
With "big heart", I said yes to it as I see it is the only option that I left just to go on with medicine. To give a shot and start afresh once again ain't easy told ya! 

This's totally a war with your ego, depression, frustration, thought, hard and painful inside and outside!

The big problem again when all those come suddenly till' hardly to catch a breath, cause me ada masalah jiwa. 
jiwa yang meronta Tuhan, aku perlu Kau Jiwa yang menangis kejauhan dari Dia Jiwa yang sakit Tuhan, aku zalim Tuhan, tolong aku....
When to thi…