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He cried and he hide it.

Assalamualaikum wbth.

Having a only brother in my life is really one of thing in my life that I really grateful for. Alhamdulillah. I don't know why he seemed to be my weakest point since he born. 19 January 2007 - at that time, I was a Form 1 student and yet the scar of losing my brother (Al-Marhum Muhammad Abdullah bin Azmi) in 2005 is not really healed (adek died because he was an anenchepalic baby. InsyaAllah, dia tunggu ummi dan abah dia kat syurga sana) - it's really a gift from Allah swt. 

and now, he's already a pre-school student at SK Sungai Karangan. I don't even realize how the time fly really fast and watching he's growing. I still remember the time when I changed his diapers. Can you imagine he just three months ( at that time) and people thought that he's already 12 months??!!! 

Only abah and me cannot get angry with him or he'll be very sad. 

The time when I really suffered when he cried and hide it! He's tried to hide!
Man!!!! Have it to be …