Of losing Abah, 3rd August 2020

Abah had passed away on the first day I officially become a doctor. I will never forget of the moment of seeing him intubated for the rest of my life.I will never forget of how my last moments with him helping Umi nursing him with whole heartedly.I will never forget of him being resuscitated and multiple times chest compression upon our arrival to CCU.Those last moments that keep on being flashed day by day.O Allah, please grant my father the highest Jannah to him, please ease my father journey in the hereafter, please bless my father who taught me to read Quran and pray Salah and educate me to be who I am today. Please forgive all of his sin and please accept of his good deeds. Al-Fatihah- Z

e-Housemen Bil 3/2020: An experience of lifetime.

Assalamualaikum and Hi!
Passed Professional Exam II last year. 
Graduating last year.
Applied and submitted registration SPA for Pegawai Perubatan UD41 last year.
Applied for MMC Provisional Registration last year.
Selected for Tapisan 8/10 last year
and here go finally my name was selected for Pegawai Perubatan Gred UD41 Bil 3/2020. Almost 10months waiting time if counted from settled everything with SPA and MMC. I worked in as a clinic assistant for 6 months in waiting period. Haha. Could not believe it, I will start working my second job and most important as graduating medical student. Here come forth the journey of a junior-doctor-in-training. 
It's all started when my bestfriend, Dhina informed me when suddenly we can register our name in the e-Housemen website on 29th June 2020. My heart jumped inside and I did jumped like a monkey hahaha as I did grateful because I did thought my tapisan might not be selected in this intake. But Allah plan everything right?
Upon registration, we d…