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This post show that I am alive and will keep passing all the hurdles. 


Acah je tu.


- Started this mere blog since 2008, when I was a dummies teenager which probably curse rather than talk here.

- I made it guys! Any official events, will write my name alongside with MBBS (UniSHAMS). Hehe.

- Post-graduation drama banyak je but you gotta move along.

- Self diagnosing with unspecified anxiety disorder as encountered many hyperventilation episodes without specific triggering factors. Stress? Anxious? That's me in words.

- Made a vow to myself to confess this old friend of mine after passing my exam but thought always remain a thought. Chicken me are not forever ready to brace rejections??

- My name didn't listed on Bilangan 2 2020 for housemanship. So, pray hard will be listed on Bilangan Tiga. God, help me!

- Revision: Did revised but totally scrambled from CAP to open trauma and suddenly hypoglycemia in newborn.

- Political crisis 2020 really opened my eyes this truly dirty…