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super duper great achievement!!

yeah... let listing all my super gr8 achievement for all the times im being home!!

orang suruhan umi abah terhebat... ececeh... goreng2!! babysitter yang paling loving abis maa!! a very outstanding CLEANER.. but my ummi still says to me... "kakak, nape malas sangat nih... ummi dulu.... bla and bla and the rest is historydedicated librarian ... di SMK SUNGAI KARANGAN.. huuuuu  and the list will continue, continue and .........

and the major things that i could say here......

bosan!! except librarian tuh...

but the ibrah behind all of these "buhsan"...

i can!!

study the quran... alhamdullillah. look and learn the tafsir al-quran yang hanya digunakan olah abah. read books
spend time with family

yang mungkin selepas ini...
the growing phase will let's me
be in a very great distance between family
anda ngerti kan??

p/s : bila results nak kuar nih???


Assalamualaikum ...... before this, somebody would be very judgemental at some point. yeah.. there are certain people which just sneering or even critics someone's belief, ways and taste...etc... i prefer they way which we understand them first, know them well and then you are welcomed to do so...

eceh... cam pointless je apa yang aku nak cakap noh.. haru

tapi u'guys should read this article.... then y'know what am i talking about... hahah

this warm-hugging article

roughly that i could say cam what we should to say for those yang kata letak gambar2 in internet nih haram for muslimah out there.

maybe this article could be yet the good answer for them.

Insya'Allah.. Everything under Allah's will

p/s : now.. im on9 at LIBRARY jusco seberang prai... then, i'll be off to Kampung Bagan Dalam!
        Assalamualaikum!! Tok!! Fira datang nihh!! Hehe.. im missing tok pnye masakan.. wee haha


hehe... found this on someone fb.  learn somethig for it as room for improvement to be a better Muslim and Muslimah selalu ada!! sebelum sakaratul maut

kenapa mahu jadi doktor??

hopefully... Dr. Nur Zafirah binti Azmi incoming.. 
hehe artikel ini baru je discover tadi.. dah lame tapi aku yang lambat. hehe but this really convinced me to my choice.. choose to do med later. this drive me well .

i found it at here

“Kenapa anda mahu jadi doktor?”, saya melemparkan soalan ini, selepas mempertontonkan kepada pelajar di IMU tadi video dari koleksi Stephen R. Covey. Pelajar yang hadir tersenyum-senyum.

“Sebab minat biologi?”, saya bertanya. Ramai yang ketawa. Itu mungkin alasan semasa di Tingkatan 4 dahulu.

“Sebab suka tolong orang?”, saya terus bertanya. Ramai yang mengangguk.

“Well, come on. Ramai yang hantar anak buat perubatan supaya boleh rawat ibu bapa sendiri nanti. Tetapi realitinya, kamu bukan manusia pertama boleh muncul memberikan rawatan jika berlaku apa-apa kepada ibu bapa. Malah ketika di bilik pembedahan dan wad kecemasan, ahli keluarga bukanlah calon terbaik untuk merawat ahli keluarga sendiri.

Namanya, profesionalisma”, saya menyambung …

Muhammad saw, the idol

assalamualaikum wbth...;

last on the maulidur rasul day, selawat to him. gotta do it every moments.
insyaAllah, a better his ummat to go!!!
go go, zaf!
ACCIDENTLY i switchrd to tv9.. tgok2 ade ceramah the host was IMAM SUHAIBB WEBB..

                                                    look.. it's him Imam Suhaib Webb

his speech really get me realized.
am i good muslim? am i good umatti of MUHAMMAD SAW?
those question raced in my head.

alhamdullillah it's still not exploded. he he told about an story..
well my abah had told the same story tu... one day, all of the sahabat made a new mimbar for him.. and tongkat yang selalu digunakan masa baca khutbah tu pun kayu yang baru... the the old tongkat cried!!!
the old tongkat missed Rasullullah saw very much..

then aku faham... adakah hati kita lagi keras daripada tongkat kayu tersebut??? then thats question made me think deeper... look.. we pray everyday.. alhamdullillah. but when we recite tahiyyat awal dan akhir... of cour…

be a high flyer but stay humble!!

asslamualaikum wbth.....  being ignored and their shit gesture.  that means "oh man!! go away!.  smile even they don't care.  i know they are under work.  but for the sake of professionalisme. where is your humility, man ???. please lah. treat everyone equally.  understand them .  but please. treat people nicely. im sure being polite. is just one of the peacemaker. in world.  rigthio?.  i know u guys are very professional. but please not in core of arrogant.  even Rasulllah saw always stays humble to his ummati!!!. even he is the best and  already promised Allah, the Jannah,  already maksum, free of sins,  bUt Rasullullah saw, he still stays HUMBLE!!.  i can take all the shits maki but please, not the sarkastikus gesture!!!
p/s : writing under anger was really...... astagfirullahhalazim!!