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So, here I am taking a little break after the first week in medical posting. So, I barely survived surgical posting. Long story to tell. Frustration and disappointment were there. But hey, I learned a lot and still have so many things to learn and to be really good in it. 
Clinical years and pre-clinical years is a really two different worlds. Just like you are in a realm of Barney and then POOF!, you are in Hunger Games. Can you get it? In the hospital, everybody is expecting you to know everything even you sometimes (maybe most of the times) never heard of it at all. That's where your gut struggling to let out your maybe-it-exist-somewhere-in-my-head knowledge. Grr
For all those who are still in preclinical years, don't put away your anatomy, physiology, microbiology and all that -logy because there will be your savior in the hospital. trust me. Now I regret of all the time that I dozed off every time in class. Thanks, God, I did not have that prob in classes hospital. 
In the …