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Alhamdulillah. All Praise to the Almighty and The Greatest.
I just passed the First Professional Exam and so did all my batchmates.

This exam was the most stressfull so far for me as I even got stress-related backpain that soo painful and mild hyperventilation. And that troublesome episode also attacked me during examination too. 😢

Thanks to umi abah for the endless support and dua'a for me. This two year of preclinical year was tough for me but alhamdulillah still surviving tho. Hopefully, clinical years will be good and can finish medical school safely graduating.

What If Game

Seeing aiman struggling for her post spm education was wretching my heart.
Abah said to me, "Jangan sebab hang, adik2 tak boleh belajar"
Yes, I know. I am the eldest of all. I am a medical student in a private university. This is already my third school anyway just to persue medicine.
Aiman is a very gifted student in arts and she kept show that she want to persue architecture. She didnt get any offer from UPU. She now in Form 6 in art stream. She was in science agama stream before this. I can tell she just keep going on with whatever subject that she had to deal with. I can see it was really not her passion.
If I am not the eldest, If I was not in medicine.. can aiman be able to be in architecture for now?
Sorry to be such a nuisance to everyone.
NP :  Han Seo Yoon - Lost Child