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Alex, Rosie [love, rosie version]

Alex is one of the sweetest fictional characters so far. hahaha. He supports Rosie when she suddenly got Katie and never forget, both of them were stupid. Yes. They were stupid to let all the years pass by without realizing it that it would great if they were together.
Maybe, this childhood friendship made them blind and vague of their own feeling and each of them gets lost in their life. They stumbled upon in their relationship journey but it was never too late for them to admit their feeling. After all the years, they finally understand themselves and get together.
Alex is a good man. Rosie was always rocks being a young mother to Katie. She might bang with some other loser which is Greg but hey, she was brave enough to take care of Katie even everyone around her was busy settling themselves in college. Fortunately, she got her family by her side to take care of Katie which we did not see in our society especially in Malaysia.
We have tons of dumped baby cases. We know committing zina …