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I will try to accept it.

1. Accepting and still happy
“Be content with Allah’s. If Allah give you a son, be happy, If Allah give you a daughter, be happy and if Allah didn’t give you any children, be happy.” - Mufti Menk.
That just a script of a podcast by Mufti Menk that I was listened a few months ago that accompanied my walk to the hospital. I found it quite resonated me when I listened this podcast. The word of contentment wired in my head. For somebody like me who often reactive and quickly dramatized everything, this taught me to be calmer, collected and accepting everything. I still trying to be one so.
Again, I got the second slap when God decided to send Mr. A (an orthopaedic surgeon) to tell the same thing again. This time, it is really dilated my pupils me as he is explaining that suits me in the situation as a student who going to face her major examination. He actually told us a dua’ that he learned from his professor and passed it to us.
I couldn’t remember the exact dua but I understand the meaning…