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a tribute for exam

hye peps!! assalamulaikum..
on tuesday, 16th Aug 2011... the sbp spm trial was over on 3.31 pm..
All the hardworks and all stay up untill 2pm.. sure??
the exam cause the holy dark eyebags just lied perfectly on my eyes!!
the brain exploding question just result in my nerves' death
the appreciation for exam by my chem teacher.. that the chem question is in high standard.. errr.... patutla susa
and my situation just got worser when certain of my class just keep expressing theirself when each of the papers ended. all of those things.. such as habislaa kau, susa gle soalan, mati aku.. but at the end, they got blh thn jugak la marks..
=P so.. conclusion... : aku... ntahla... yg pasti medicine dlm tgn!!

p/s : thanks to umar abdul aziz, for the eraser....heee33


hye... currently, im at caun's , bndr laguna merbok.. teacher do give us the most sayang bbm .. fyi stands for balik bermalam.. ahhaa
my presentation for malay language class turn to the political coversation...
yeah.. got to admit it.. it's quite awkward la.
one of my classmate do asked me about BERSIH..
well.. im not a debater.. it had cause me to be quite emotional..
she asked do you agree or not about the Bersih..
then.. without thinking so much....
i said.. saya menyokong perhimpunan tersebut kerana ianya merupakan suara hati rakyat mengenai ketidakpuasan hati mereka trhp k'jaa.. look.. it's wrong fact.. but it more on the election.
the class had turn... no suitable words for it...
then, some of my classmates.. called me .. oiii bersihh... kureng tol la...
yahh. enuff wif the politic!! what i said do not change the system as im still underage!

last week, i got MOCK INTERVIEW for scholarships. the ethiques that we should obey...
for girl... you need high heel!! but what i …

can i ??? yeas i can !

hye guys! damn miss mu blog! after struggling for the mid -year exam! selaras sbp!
my currently mood rite now! is hard to be told rather than just kept it inside my heart . nur zafirah bt azmi , is determined 100% to be a doctor. i could see that i was so desperate to achieve medical study! either local or overseas, i dun care. the most important is that i have to be a doctor. my senior, she's goin to further her studies at kmb, medicine. that was very cool for me! last month... (kut??) some of my friends told me that medicine course had been frozen for 5 years for now! then, i could feel that the tears want to flow out! but tahan je! ceh bajet egomu!
then, i called mu beloved ummi, then my ummi just laughing at me!! ??? he3... actually, it's just a rumuour ! medicine only freeze for the new uniiversiti or college that want to have medicine course at their uni!
Ahhh... bazir je air mata aku lepas solat maghrib... kan da lewat g prep!


hardship make me strong

hola peps.. sorry for being late to post sumthin..
lately, im quite beze ma.. nowadays. i think im going to be buried in book especially add maths book. i had to applied force.. max force on me to do add. maths every day even just a single question. to ABANG HADI , abang HAKIM, ALONG and along nadia.. tlg sye add. maths., udah kronic