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the spoken eyes

if your eyes could speak, what would they say? - Max, The Book Thief.

This word really inspiring me and well magnetised me to really describe little things that happen surround us and appreciate on it.
Ok. Here is what would my eyes could say.
There is a man who is floating around in between knowledge, pseudo-knowledge, uncertainty, stupidity and  arrogance and narcissism as well. He's getting older but his arrogance never get away. 
And there is a woman, who has a biggggggggggggg heart but sometimes, can be a little fainted-heart. But hey, she never shows that. Instead, she always spreading her love vibe that really soothing her beautiful children.
They got a broken sink and a suck kitchen that really made their life terrible. Only the woman cares and her children too about the suck kitchen, but the 'king' or the man didn`t even care as he lets (always be) others to clean up his own dishes.

langit Dia

kaki aku dan kau ini
pijaknya atas tanah yang sama,
dongak aku dan kau juga
pada langit yang terbentang itu jua,
bias dan hangat mentari yang sama
itu juga yang aku dan kau rasa,
udara yang sama juga
penyambung nadi aku dan kau, namun,
aku dan kau masih lagi angkuh untuk berkongsi
kongsi nilai - nilai insani hanya kerana
sempadan ilusi yang memisahkan kita?
p/s : my first piece that had been champak on Champak.


Your degree in Syariah, Usulludin and afflicted Islamic Studies did not give credit for you to simply degrading people on their ignorance or ‘jahiliyyah’ about Islam. Different people different approach told ya. Instead, you should be the one who lead or just help between our brothers and sisters and seeking the mardhatillah together.

aku firefighter

Dia bagi api.
aku simbah ayaq.
dia bagi api lagi,
aku simbah ayaq lagi dan lagi,
tapi sampai satu tahap ayaq aku dah habis. aku penat.
rasa macam nak biaq ja api tu marak ja tanpa any defense dari ayaq. hint: api = ego, ayaq = sabar