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Keep going...

Assalamualaikum wbth.....

It ain't easy to keep going. yea... keep going on. My second sister or i just call her Ateh. Ateh now currently studying in boarded-daily routine school (asrama harian that what typical Malaysian would said that). She told me that her gang especially their batch 1998 always be the mark on their 1995 seniors' eyes (Just call them Adudu gang to be easy to tell...=p)


As her gang always disobey the hostel rules that made by the school itself or previous traditions. 

1. They went to the hostel by just wearing sports attire instead of official baju batik or baju sekolah.
2. They don't simply gave salam to their seniors (every hostel face that .. huh)
2. They will did everything that seemed kerek to the Adudu... well, typical trouble that normally they did. 

But, even all of the childish criminal, they still study, learn as still strive when the examination is coming while the Adudu, the one who are going to sit for SPM, they still do not perfom the solat …

Different path. Same Aim. Always

PATH : Kubang Pasu Science School 2010 - 2011
"Whatever you did in life, how much you got angry with it.... just don't be 'anak derhaka'"
"Wei ustazah datang! Sorok2 iron!"
"Pssttt.... kita punya sorak sama dengan rumah lain la!!!!! hha??? "
"Zaf, jom g surau!"
"Ha! Laksa2!"
"Wei, sorilaa pancake aku buat letak dengan kaya je..."
"wei... zaf! aku nak tido kejap nih, nanti gerak aku kul 2 eh..."
"Zaf!!!! susun kasut!!"
"study jom, zaf!"
"......tak! thanks to Allah.. bukan yang lain. " (she smiled then..)
"Zorro!!!.... jangan tidoq" (new name... T_T)
"Zaf...janganlaa tido. macam mana nak jadi doktor nih?" (Chemistry class....)
"Wei, syok tak cita hindustan tu...?" (Sabtu-2petang-Bilik Study Ground Floor)
"Gila ke hapa! Roll-call pagi2 buta! dah esok Bio!" (Trial SPM 2011 week)
....... and all of these never could be told indirectly rather than to be re…