Assalamualaikum ...... before this, somebody would be very judgemental at some point. yeah.. there are certain people which just sneering or even critics someone's belief, ways and taste...etc... i prefer they way which we understand them first, know them well and then you are welcomed to do so...

eceh... cam pointless je apa yang aku nak cakap noh.. haru

tapi u'guys should read this article.... then y'know what am i talking about... hahah

this warm-hugging article

roughly that i could say cam what we should to say for those yang kata letak gambar2 in internet nih haram for muslimah out there.

maybe this article could be yet the good answer for them.

Insya'Allah.. Everything under Allah's will

p/s : now.. im on9 at LIBRARY jusco seberang prai... then, i'll be off to Kampung Bagan Dalam!
        Assalamualaikum!! Tok!! Fira datang nihh!! Hehe.. im missing tok pnye masakan.. wee haha


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