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Say Infinity Alhamdulillah !

Semoga jalan yang akan diredahi ini membuka jalan menuju Allah! InsyaAllah

Parodi Forum Suara Mahasiswa

i like!

A Bliss 2012 Closure

Assalamualaikum wbth.. A bliss 2012 closure. Yes, bliss as I got attended mukhayyam for the first time of my life. FYI, mukhayyam is one of wasilah tarbiyah. They named it Mukhayyam Akhwat 2012. See it? akhwat only. (ohh yeah, naik tanduk la aku). Happily be seated in front besides Kak Huda ( a teacher from SMK Pending, if im not mistaken), she comes all the way from the house and took us (aku, hawa, hickmah, intan) from our college and begin the mardhatillah (seeking Allah bless) journey to Kem Alapong, Lundu.

Almost taking 2 hours to get there, and car air-con was really spreading the sleepy aura.

(iye lah tu... kalo abah, mesti dah cakap macam ni "hampa ni otak lemah, tak dan berapa minit dah tidoq, tengok abah - dah umoq dekat 60 pon..maintain lagi" and -__-').

Moments before i got sleeped, a talk with Ust Pahrol Juoi from on air (and the talk is really catchy as it touch something about doa and next, ZZZZZ) and when I woke up, Dr.Muhaya is on the air.

 One of he…