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a tribute for exam

hye peps!! assalamulaikum..
on tuesday, 16th Aug 2011... the sbp spm trial was over on 3.31 pm..
All the hardworks and all stay up untill 2pm.. sure??
the exam cause the holy dark eyebags just lied perfectly on my eyes!!
the brain exploding question just result in my nerves' death
the appreciation for exam by my chem teacher.. that the chem question is in high standard.. errr.... patutla susa
and my situation just got worser when certain of my class just keep expressing theirself when each of the papers ended. all of those things.. such as habislaa kau, susa gle soalan, mati aku.. but at the end, they got blh thn jugak la marks..
=P so.. conclusion... : aku... ntahla... yg pasti medicine dlm tgn!!

p/s : thanks to umar abdul aziz, for the eraser....heee33