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"amacam dah abeh exam"
"alhamdulillah..whatever it's come out after this, all of those will be His best plans. InsyaAllah."

That was what I said when my lovely sister asked me about my scary final exam. The well- said which now is 
kinda testing me this right moments. Yes. Indeed, i felt some sort of zombinated human-being right now. 
Everything seemed a very pitch coal black and sensed fear anywhere in this deep heart. Everything that I 
believed and confident seemed to collapse just like 9/11.. huh? 

Yeah... the moments. Heart-wrecking moments.

Just about clicking the e-pelajar tabs, my family just around me - chatting together before sending off my sister 
to her boarding school in Bukit Kayu Hitam - then just scroll down the pages - then ran to the bathroom. flood 
maybe? in cheeks? haha....
After minutes (kofh..kofh), my sis salam with me, my ummi came and my abah hugged me...
"tak pa, abah kan ada, jangan teriak"
haha. Lagi bah la wei. At the moments, I rea…