be a high flyer but stay humble!!

asslamualaikum wbth..... 
being ignored and their shit gesture. 
that means "oh man!! go away!. 
smile even they don't care. 
i know they are under work. 
but for the sake of professionalisme.
where is your humility, man ???.
please lah. treat everyone equally. 
understand them . 
but please.
treat people nicely.
im sure being polite.
is just one of the peacemaker.
in world. 
i know u guys are very professional.
but please not in core of arrogant. 
even Rasulllah saw always stays humble to his ummati!!!.
even he is the best and 
already promised Allah, the Jannah, 
already maksum, free of sins, 
bUt Rasullullah saw, he still stays HUMBLE!!. 
i can take all the shits maki but please,
not the sarkastikus gesture!!!

p/s : writing under anger was really...... astagfirullahhalazim!!


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