Harry Fear is a British journalist that currently, I start to follow his work through the RT channel at Youtube. They did a documentary that was named NewsTeam. I am totally enjoying watching this video as we can see how the journalist were making news, on how they are going to select visual that perfect with their reports, and all the sporadic events that likely to happen as the earlier episodes that covered by Harry Fear was in Gaza. Yeah. Gaza.

Along with the footages at Gaza, it was totally giving me goosebumps. Yeah. Innocence children, women just get killed and yet Israel stated it was just a collateral damage. There was an episode when there were 4 children were killed while playing at a beach where it is exactly the beach where Harry shot their film 3 hours earlier. The staff at the hotel I guess took the injured child into the hotel. I don't really want to describe how were the children. It was totally heartbreaking for me. There was an episode where they showed the Palestinian civilian to evacuate their house/building after received a call from the Israel. That was so ridiculous. They fired the hospital and the surgery department was totally destroyed. Can you imagine a hospital running without an operation theater? An OT is such as a backbone for the hospital.

Watching most of the episode was really inspired me with Harry's works. He's still in his early twenties (26 this year), and I am going to be 21 on this 22 December. Watching him being so energetic, steadfast on his work was quite amazing. They need to make everything goes in plan especially they were working in a place which are unstable, insecure and you really got to be very brave and independent of course. So, now journalist seem to be very interesting for me at least, now.

So, it kinda boosts my will to really work hard in medical school and surviving until being fully licensed and competent enough medical officer and work on postgrad study after that and of course, volunteering in the war zone for the medical team. InsyaAllah, that how I plan my future in the incoming ten years. 

Plus, after his birthday, Harry Fear announced on his Facebook that he was reverted Islam and he is a Muslim now. Alhamdulillah. We are very welcoming you to this beautiful religion.  I am looking forward to him to tell to the public on how he decided to become a Muslim. So guys, feel free to follow him on Facebook to look on his works and keep updated on this suffering of this world.

Whenever I came across with news that circling around between injustice, cruelty, violence and every synonymous word you can put, I will remember the poem which is A Pale Blue Dot by Carl Sagan. You can read in on ZenPencil version. Here is the link.

" I would recommend avoiding compromising on the ethics of collaboration with the corporate and mainstream media and production companies. Be brave in your pursuits of working independently, outside of a professionally- and morally-corrupt system, and as directors of your own future, build your audience and build your effect from the ground-up. Remember that politics comes into everything, including what cereal we eat for breakfast in the morning; politics comes into human rights and it comes into computer games. Never leave politics out of a story’s treatment, for sake of being true to reality. Never be afraid to take a strong moral stand, even if you’re the single unit among millions. : - Harry Fear

p/s: I am greatly sorry for the massive grammatical errors here. I just like to write whenever         I feel to write something.


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