When your fashion sense barometer was really declining and these such rushing days, absolutely you will go with your same old casual clothes as we are always fancy to be laid back and wear something comfortable. Casual women clothing such as basic tees, blouses and jeans are the common selection to spend your day off from work in. However, recycling your same old casual clothes might not stand out your fashion sense. So, girls don’t worry! We can always fix your clothes just by thinking creatively and be bold and feel confident in what you wear. Take a look at the three quick fix up below on how to how to expertly spice your casual women clothing up. 

1. Accessories 

Yes! Accessories will come in handy for all women as it does not cost you much. You can buy it almost from everywhere. Imagine whenever you put on a nice statement necklace, dangling earrings or multi-stacked bangles, your casual top will look trendy and chic effortlessly. Pro tip: Never over accessorize as it could jeopardize your look.

2. Hats or Cap

You can always experiment your casual looks with a nice hat or cap. The hat will be a perfect choice for you who want to look elegance and sophisticated. Meanwhile, using a simple cap trick will show off your boyish personality but still looking cool effortlessly. When the days of bad hair days or you are just too lazy to style it come, go for nice hats and caps as it can hide your hair and still rocking it anyway.

3. Eyewear

You really can’t deny whenever we just do not have the mood to apply any makeup on and surprisingly, eye wears can definitely solve the problem! A touch of stylish eyewear can give a stunning look and absolutely hides away those hanging eye bags on your day out.


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