The most thing that usually somehow a highlight between us (so called growing up girls) is marriage. Lol right? Most of my friend already on that process while I am still enjoying my books and kdrama. Hahahahaha.

But the thing that really get me wondered how do you really know and confident enough to spend the rest of your life with somebody that you never know? A really good teacher said to me that a marriage is purely a gamble. You will have to risk everything, you have to be vulnerable.

and it's so depressing I think.

a cartoon strip from ZenPencil that never fail me.

That poem of C.S Lewis in cartoon strip version is more eye-candy.

and this viral a page from Momen2 Matluthfi ( yay, I already half-way to finish it) is quite say it all.

You are not ready because you are afraid that people might not accept you when the time come to let them see all of your flaws, your beastly side and your imperfections.



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