Asssalamualaikum wbth..

What you guys gonna read, perhaps u guys thought it lame! super lame. (yes. akusangatgeram) Viewing kinda scary status on fb or entries in blogger. Example...

" ada orang tu saya mesej, calls banyak kali. x angkat pon"
"hye awak, gembira hari ini dapat kuar dengan awak"

..... and the list go on...

Most of kinda ayat done by my friend since we are in primary,secondary school. I don't see why we as a muslimah should say those words to someone that we even don't know he is the exactly the one in life. Be sure on the unsure things. We put the faith on the unsure things and yet we doubt the seen-sure-things. GOT IT ?

Why? I never see this kinda boy-girl relationship as the major thing that we should do within our younger ages. (deep down.. this kinda relationships is one of the bloody mess) We chase out our desires first rather than thinking our prior relationship - simpler, as a anak. We being very selfish uh? (outta there - mesti yang banyak sumpah seranah aku. rite?

The fact - I only see this relationship in marriage jek. I had been thought that what the unmarried couple should do to please their partner's heart? There's no such official tips or whatsoever in such quran or hadis? Right? Indeee.. we found only marriage - hubby.wifey responsible je yang ada dalam quran. 

(ya. ini yang aku rasa. ahhaha. sebab zafirah sangatlah hopeless dalam this kinda ....... just a bloody mess and yet a man is another word for disbelieve. yes.. aku tak percaya lelaki. along my life, the life just prove to me that man is stupid. )*sorry.guys*now.. im talking macamla ada orang minat aku* haha. kesah pe aku? My world just need my family and friends. Enough.)

And one facts which everybody know. couple tu haramlah. yes. so outta girls there.. please don't be scarily cheap to man. just be proud of yourself. we big girls don't need a boy just the waits the definite jodoh. InsyaAllah . Please don't justify it after all we want it. Please lah

"Cuba lah hidup ikut neracha Allah bukan neracha manusia"

"Cuba lihat sisi hidup dari kaca mata Islam bukan kaca mata nafsu semata-mata"

Yes. I hope anybody that do drop in this entry would think again. But, i know that i am not the one who hold your heart for accept everything dengan hati terbuka. Tu kerja Allah - kerja aku, tegakkan agama Dia je. Sebab Allah dah kata dalam ayat dia.... (Al-Qasas : 56)

Indeed, [O Muhammad], you do not guide whom you like, but Allah guides whom He wills. And He is most knowing of the [rightly] guided.

yes. sahabat-sahabatku. Have the fullest faith in Allah and Allah will help you. Insya'Allah.
and Allah, guide us to the jannah. (Al-Baqarah : 6)

Guide us to the straight path 

The path of those upon whom You have bestowed favor, not of those who have evoked [Your] anger or of those who are astray.


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