21 years | voting!

Assalamualaikum wbth...

yay!! finally.. jejak jugak aku ke tanah jitra nih (yea. now im in yana's)

28042012. Bersih 3.0

deep down, i really impressed of their such blazing spirit to be in the middle of town. Why najib still deafened himself from seeing what the rakyat want? Kalau kau nak kaya dengan duit rakyat, pergi mampos ar! I see najib is one the so called diva which always wants the power - money. With all the scandals - scorpene, altantuya, corruption - but he still can smile in front of people can talk nicely to them like they knew nothing. Where's his intergrity? If he don't do such thing - why he didn't sue for media which accused him so. Entah? Sumpah dengan quran? shit. Depan Allah, jawablah.

sometimes, i always being the more enthusiastic about this politic-thingy. Abah brought the harakah, suara keadilan... all the times. But at some points, this topic brought me grave boring! just sometimes. ya. now.. i am waiting for the 21-year-old-girl phase. Well.. voting for election lah!

halt! im qouting one of the Ustaz  Azhar Idrus said ( masa nih kat Madrasah Islahiah Sungai Karangan - Pondok Ustaz Adnan - "u guys pegi tak" ) - "Napa tak sembur water cannon kat orang yg berarak tu.. baik sembur kat orang2 yang tengah berjudi kat Cameron Highlands tu..." . lebih kurang la.. ustaz tu kan loghat ganu, i can't fit in the ganu accents very much. yes. kedah!!

kan? the simple ayat made me think twice. Awesome gila Ustaz tu. Seriusly... i never know who is on the earth ust.Ahmad Idrus tu. jahil kan? knowing something late ain't a crime. Chillax.

Frozen. Mind. Yes.. my mind frozen to the end. Bye.

p/s : Avengers is for Awesome!


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