bila dia menangis,
tak kisah la apa jua alasannya,
pasti aku susah dan resah gelisah
untuk mencari kata-kata
bait-bait yang
mungkin balm her ached heart for a second
mungkin soothe her away from those troubles

but, it's me
who fail in emotion logics
who fail in words
can't just say it out through words

nak je cakap
"menangis je la, let it all out"
"Allah ada, jangan risau ye babe"

tapi my lips get locked right away
and just could say it out
after she wiped her tears away.

and most painful moments,
when others that hugged her
to comfort her.
not me.

                                                            Bumi Dia, 030514 2:04PM

disclaimer : internal struggle of ukhuwah. not lesbo k.


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