G. narcissim

subject : G
manipulated variable: egoism level
controlled variable: narcissism level

discussion :

when G is so all out about himself, being narcissistic all the time, being mister-know-it-all, yet never take a leap to trust others. Though he is the most hardworking ever person that you had meet, the most amanah ...

but with this kind of attitude, he never make it till now (leave the future to Allah), 
spending the old days with long time framed memories
that kept being told to his "terdekat"

I know within G's deep heart. the most apex of the heart perhaps, G's really sorrow inside out and sort of stumble..slowly.

but with the ego mastermind inside,
he never want to at least, listen.
or just keep silent momentarily 
to reflect everything back

but, he still refuse to do so
kept telling his mind
"i am who i am"
"nah, you just a bundle of stupid people outta there that know nothing"



lost direction.

broken compasses.

but still, when i look thoroughly his face, i still do pity for him and want to help him. but it's his ego and narcissism that halt me. 

conclusion : narcissism level can only be diminish whenever miracle do happen via Allah. 


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