P E D U L I . U M M A H . R A N T

Regard the recent event – bullied case that happened in Seberang Jaya, Penang. “Budak belasah ketua tingkatan” – that’s probably people would say about the case. Short intro – I am sure everybody would know about this. People in FB did talk about this, comment this, that, bla bla. Even the I found a page that entitle “Kami Mahu Pembuli Kelas Ditangkap”.

I think it’s far enough for us to talk about this. Of course, those kids ( Ya Allah, depa baru form 3 ja…. So pathetic) were completely guilty for their action, amoking?,  brutal actions toward the class monitor, proudly recording their all-time-waited action scenes!  Yeah, They did wrong.

But, I did scanning all the public comments towards this case. Our people were too judgementing. And somehow, my point of views towards all those comments – like the public bullied those kids back in literal.

The way they comments  :
  • ·         like those kids didn’t have any good future left
  • ·         Like they didn’t have the time to change their attitude, repent………..
  • ·         Like the world dumped them
  • ·         Like there’s no way they could be forgive

I am not backing up whoever did kinda cases,  but hey, they are still kids. InsyaAllah, dengan didikan yang baik, encouragement from society – perhaps, one day they can change. If and only if, they have the gut to do so.
Key word – turn back to Allah.

“ Dan kembalilah kamu kepada Tuhanmu, dan berserah dirilah kepadaNya sebelum datang azab kepadamu, kerana sesudah itu kamu tidak dapat ditolong”

…together, we can create a better community that take each other. (Ahoi…dah macam kempen plak)

Ya, dalam Al-quran pon kata, Allah tak kan mengubah nasib sesuatu kaum melainkan dia nak yg bangun, berusaha , berubah.

That’s Islam teach me.

The past is the past. Learn from the past, do better in the future.

The facts that I really sad – our ummah were weak, pemuda-pemudi Kahfi yang Islam perlu (bayang pun tak nampak)…and me,can’t do anything. Pathetic


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