Keep going...

Assalamualaikum wbth.....

It ain't easy to keep going. yea... keep going on. My second sister or i just call her Ateh. Ateh now currently studying in boarded-daily routine school (asrama harian that what typical Malaysian would said that). She told me that her gang especially their batch 1998 always be the mark on their 1995 seniors' eyes (Just call them Adudu gang to be easy to tell...=p)


As her gang always disobey the hostel rules that made by the school itself or previous traditions. 

1. They went to the hostel by just wearing sports attire instead of official baju batik or baju sekolah.
2. They don't simply gave salam to their seniors (every hostel face that .. huh)
2. They will did everything that seemed kerek to the Adudu... well, typical trouble that normally they did. 

But, even all of the childish criminal, they still study, learn as still strive when the examination is coming while the Adudu, the one who are going to sit for SPM, they still do not perfom the solat (na'uzubillahminzalik...) even they always shout to their junior to go surau... erk? contradiction on what they had said... they still layan their balak (kan aku dah geram terlebih..) and so much more. there's no point to point out people's wrong deed but once of my previous teacher had said to me..

"....elakkan kesalahan. biar kita pelajari kesalahan yang telah dilakukan oleh orang lain bukan kita yang buat kesalahan tu.." (physics class)

but how we are going to avoid as we didn't face it yet? Everytime we did wrong as the mistakes always did impact on ourselves. And then, we will remember to avoid it. (But... Im a "loqlaq" jugak..huh) 

Errk... what i am trying to said here even Ateh is in such circumstances - she still have the effort to solat when the time come (Alhamdullilah), still study even she always sleep in the class (=P please don't said sleeping in class the genetic problem.. nay!) , still recite the Quran consistently for each days... (masih lagi mencuri waktu untuk sujud tahajud dimana dormmates semua nyenyak tido... if me?)

I don't know how Ateh got all the kekuatan (lost the vocab... honestly i forgot to spell the word kekuatan in english) to keep going in her school. 

And now... how to keep going on?



and the problem is now, I think i just dragged myself back to the Decepticon's essence past!

or should I delete all the the The Times, Komplot, Estranged, Butterfingers, Linkin Park songs that I just downloaded it?

Defeat nafs ain't easy. 


p/s : the jigsaw puzzle didn't fall in places yet....


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