haha... omg .. its totally grab my attention!
its cool lah..!
what do u want to do b4 u die?
haha... it was the tagline 4 the programme which is now showing at 8tv.
4 guys! they list what they want to do and help people to do their list too.
for the first time, they help deliver a baby! one of the guys, Dave started to be fear..
but sooner its just flushed away.. wee..
i watched the woman, laura. she getting deliver a baby! a son..
moreover, they tried their hardest by helping queen, she had never been visiting her mom grave at Denver. So, they worked at Corky to collect money as much as they could to buy Queen's airplane ticket to Denver! and They DID it!
wee! high five fer them! they could be the most nice guys lah! ahaha....
but they were not muslim. huhu =)
however! i think it is a good programme! we must go ahead fer our dream! no matter what it is! its not impossible to achieve it! rite.. dude? i learned that everyone has their gr8 story to share wif us! bubye... =)


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