broke like hell

The form said I had an axiety when I completed out a questionnaire, HADS (google it. too lazy to explain). They said it must be something with my way of thinking. They said all of brain cortex are just filled with negativity thoughts. That's how they come on how I get anxiety. That's can be true or not. Or it is just me who could not accept the advice. Not so ready to get advice but I am no snobbish woman. Erk? Ever since I am away from my parents means the age where I started life in a boarding school where it is the year you got to plan and handle your life.

I will be 23 this December and I hate it when it is the age where you had to sort out your financial when you are already in a very serious financial emergency!! You have to think about the rent fee, Internet fee, electric and water bills  and food. Can you tell me how am I going to survive within this November with twenty ringgit left? Your allowances is just there for you to settle your debts. :( crying....

This is where the time when I will be away with my imagination to marry somebody richer than me and the time when I finally understand when some women choose to marry for financial security? It is so hard to live like this. With the fact I will be moving to another city next month is another headache. I pray that Allah will give easiness on my heart for not to be worry upon this problem.


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