Signal Kdrama

I just finished watching Signal Kdrama. Lee Je Hoon just had a new fan btw. Without the walkie-talkie that able Park Hae Young to communicate with a police officer in the year of 1989 until 2000, it might be ordinary drama. But the key signature of this drama managed to get me keep watching until the end without skipping the episodes. I like how have arranged all the cold case that they were solving in the year 2015 with the help from each year of the cases. 

The opening case of the drama is about a kidnapping of an elementary school girl who had been witnessed by Park Hae Young in the year 2001. How Park Hae Young able to remember every single thing to do his profiling thing is so amazing. The succeed of the cold case made the police set up a team that solves the famous cold case. 

The second case of Gyeonggi Nambu serial killers where it happened in 1989 also one of the favourite scenes where we can see the sweer romance of Lee Je han officer and how all the woman died tragically who rode the same bus in the Geonggi by the son of the driver bus who are mentally ill and psychopaths. 

The third case where larceny case where Lee Je Han has arrested the wrong guy to a robbery in a luxury house that turned out the son of the owner of the house is the real robber due to evidence of him sexually abusing a woman. This case is important where Officer Cha Soo Hyun had been killed at the crime scene but when they were changing the past with the help of Lee Je Han officer, Officer Cha Soo Hun was able to live again. 

Then, the final case that all of we thought is The Geng rape case Injoo where Park Hae Young's brother Park Sun Woo had been falsely accused because the only boy without money, power, and connection as the main offender of this rape case was the son of the Injoo Cement President who the one that thought a king in Injoo. This Injoo case had been a scandal where they coached all the suspects to give statements that will point Park Sun Woo as the offender. The cop itself who set this up lead by the main antagonist Superintendents Kim Bum Joo.

Park Sun Woo was a very good guy who determined to clear his name to get his family back together. He was killed by Kim Bum Joo because he had the evidence that he is not the offender. The sad thing is the murder of Park Sun Woo was staged as a suicide where his brother Park Hae young thought it was a suicide after all. I was crying so hard in this scene. 

Park Hae young asked Lee Je Han to save his brother but he was late to get into his house as he had an injury in the crime scene. But the game-changing scene is here where Lee Je Han was able to tell his team. secretly when he was going to Sunil Psychiatry Hospital, the first transmission that he received. He was saved with the help of his team and they get to reveal Kim. Bum. Joo cruel action all this long in his service as an officer. 

The whole plot was changing where the history and future were changed. But only the main three characters were able to remember the whole thing. 

I love this drama. Can watch the drama again totally. 


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