What If Game

Seeing aiman struggling for her post spm education was wretching my heart.
Abah said to me, "Jangan sebab hang, adik2 tak boleh belajar"
Yes, I know. I am the eldest of all. I am a medical student in a private university. This is already my third school anyway just to persue medicine.

Aiman is a very gifted student in arts and she kept show that she want to persue architecture. She didnt get any offer from UPU. She now in Form 6 in art stream. She was in science agama stream before this. I can tell she just keep going on with whatever subject that she had to deal with. I can see it was really not her passion.

If I am not the eldest, If I was not in medicine.. can aiman be able to be in architecture for now?
Sorry to be such a nuisance to everyone.

NP :  Han Seo Yoon - Lost Child


Anonymous said…
u make me cry la hoi

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