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Zen Pencils : Penang Q&A Session

31st Jan 2016
Constant Gardener Coffee

I am not a morning person and so, I was rushing to get into ferry and shuttle bus to go Zen Pencils event (kind of Q&A session). Alhamdulillah, I arrived there before they started the session. Of course, I dragged along my sister to accompany me. Iced Mocha ordered.

The really good thing is that we felt such warm welcoming by the cafe owner, the cafe crews and all the Zen Pencils' fans. It is really good to have such a very positive vibes along the session. The cafe started to full with all the fans that waiting for the session. My sister and I kind of freezing there as I am quite worried if we couldn't get any seats. Suddenly, Gavin (the cartoonist of Zen Pencils) came out from the other side of the cafe (which is basically all the seats are there), and I got excited (hahaha). "Omg Omg Aiman, that's Gavin!". He actually looks way better than in pictures. Serious. He casually greeted me, "Hi, I'm Gavin" and of course, I know him! Hahaha. That short simple yet humble greeting is enough to live up the memory. He and his dad start to distribute the pastries to all the fans there. They are really a bunch of good people to say from the short gathering.

Gavin told how he started the Zen Pencils, he quit from his stable graphic designer job and started to really work hard on his full-time job which is a cartoonist, and working from home. He is lucky to have his supportive wife, Jessica and his family. He showed the process of getting done the cartoon strip. He brought along his behind-the-scene artwork and it sure did need a very strong will and discipline to finish all of it. Aiman is really excellent in arts and I personally hope that this whole experience will resonate her desire to get into architecture programme. InsyaAllah.

The whole lessons that I get there are:

1. Doing what you love despite your academic qualifications is not an easy job, it could be       suck, it could be not very profitable from your previous job but hey, at last, you are doing what you love and it is stress-free and fewer complaints. Isn't it? And absolutely, a lot of courage will be needed.

2. It is great doing something that inspires people and spread the kindness and positive vibes. I am truly agreed that kindness is something that should be shared among us, this whole society to have a better environment.

3. I have to keep on writing - staple diet perhaps?

4. I have to go again Constant Gardener Penang because the Iced Mocha is delicious! The whole crew were really good at handling customers!

Meet Gavin everyone! Thanks, sir, the one who was very kind to offer to take the pictures. :) Sorry, didn't have a chance to ask your name.

The autographed poster! yay!

Here you go the owner of Constant Gardener Coffee. Thank you, sir! He was really courage to open up a cafe as his previous career was software engineer as he really love to do that. And it is totally a great satisfaction to live your life truly.

Gavin and Jessica

Aiman and me. I actually don't know how to selfie. Applause.
Lots of love,


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