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Just had a nice catching up with my girls.  Now, I am in Year 2 MBBS. I started to flashback of everything that happens after the school life. The seventeen years old of me that struggling with SPM ( A Malaysian national examination for high school), in that phase I am confident that I will score in SPM despite the multiple failure in Add Maths. Hahaha

But I forget that I always do not know what is coming ahead and I must keep my guard against it. Then, the cascade events of sad, despair, frustration and you name it all happens just like the sea waves that strongly hit the rocks. I repeated my foundation, the college that might be close and facing the facts that I might not have a chance to further my studies.

But Alhamdulillah, there is still a place that accept my application as there is second intake. Trying to be berlapang dada as much as I could.

You know that high school friends are always become the long-lasting friends insyaAllah till Jannah. They are the best people of my life. You will feel no distant even everybody just get busier - university stuff, relationship??? haha. But you just know that they are always in your Dua'a.

They are indeed a precious gift from Allah.

Afiqah pernah cakap "A strong friendship doesn't need daily conversation, doesn't always need togetherness, as long as the friendship true enough, true friend will never part".

SubhanAllah. This is soooooo beautiful. Afiqah just know my feeling to put in a word. I really miss all of them. Beta girls, Zenith girls, my dorm mates and everyone! Susah-susah zaman sekolah, kita still boleh gelak2 dengan kawan semua. Kawan2 yang dah paham kita ni macam mana, kawan yang kalau dia marah tegoq pon sebab dia care dan sayang bukan sebab nak jatuhkan maruah kawan tu. Study sama2, jatuh bangun sama, baca al-Mulk sama2 even time tu dah mengantok gila baru habis prep malam, solat 5 waktu insyaAllah diawal waktu sebab kawan2 jugaklah yang paksa pi surau, stay-up guna lampu koridor je, gosip satu dorm bila ada sorang tu dapat parcel dari seseorg atau benda2 yg memang kontroversi gila time tu. 

Jerih, payah, susah, senang time 2 tahun tu.
Alhamdulillah berkatnya semua score SPM.

Post-SPM life tu lah paling mencabar sbb dah xdak dah kawan2 tu dekat depan mata kita. You just keep moving on and holding on.

Sebab masing2 dah bukak chapter baru dalam hidup

+ chapter dah mula suka dekat orang
+ chapter bina Baitul Muslim
+ chapter dah sarat mengandung
+ chapter pening nak pkiaq tajuk fyp
+ chapter exam yang mcm tak habis2 ja 
+ chapter yang stuck jadi student smpai PhD (InsyaAllah)

and you will never what the chapter is about until you in it.

p/s: This new template just boost my motivation to keep blogging. wheeeee~~~~


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