The things that you know that always want to do it but your mind always work too much!

After all the thing that I went through, now I know the hikmah (wisdom or the good side of it) of reaaalllly relying on Allah and believe that He is Truly The Planner. Alhamdulillah. Being here in a medical college that just starts to spread out its wings, I am really grateful for being here. My friends here treat me like a family and they made me feel like Im belong here. Yes, there is loopside here and there but happy enough to say that I feel content and happy. and Damai (peace)!

Just wanna shared a program that I was asked to join. Haha.

First Slot : Amar Makhruf Nahi Mungkar for Doctors by Mister Amin (p/s : we called it mister as he is a surgeon specialist kot)

Second Slot : Kewajipan Berjemaah

Third Slot : Tasawuf Tarbiyah

I am the kind who always excited to hear all those doctors’ experiences. Yes, I really value that and a kind of booster-spirit-serum to survive in medicine. He shared when he was doing his alevel at london (wow), then he went to rcsi (second wow) and hospital gossip? haha yeah. that’s lame issue such consent form, emergency and yada yada.

The next slot was held by ustadh(s) that still in late twenties I believe. And they did a brialliant job on explaining what is all about tarbiyah and da’wah. They explained it slowly to let us really understand. One of the ustadh say tarbiyah is a life-long education processes. He said that the tarbiyah processes end when the right foot of ours step in the heaven. And now, the problem is facing the ignorance (baca kebodohan) our own ummah – mean that they know Islam but go against with it. (Mana syahadah kita?)

All of these talks made my heart wanna cry and face it through and through. Yes. It has been a long time of not getting involved in jama’ah. I know all its responsibles and such to be a good Muslim.



Sometimes, I just have to end my endless “but” and start really working on that.

Happy when got to see all my asasi friends that they now are already the top leader in their jama’ah. The feeling that you glad to see all your friends can make it through but here, zafirah is still in doubting which jama’ah that I want to choose.

(insert frowning face here)

May Allah guide me to be a good Muslim and future Muslim doctor.


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