He cried and he hide it.

Assalamualaikum wbth.

Having a only brother in my life is really one of thing in my life that I really grateful for. Alhamdulillah. I don't know why he seemed to be my weakest point since he born. 19 January 2007 - at that time, I was a Form 1 student and yet the scar of losing my brother (Al-Marhum Muhammad Abdullah bin Azmi) in 2005 is not really healed (adek died because he was an anenchepalic baby. InsyaAllah, dia tunggu ummi dan abah dia kat syurga sana) - it's really a gift from Allah swt. 

and now, he's already a pre-school student at SK Sungai Karangan. I don't even realize how the time fly really fast and watching he's growing. I still remember the time when I changed his diapers. Can you imagine he just three months ( at that time) and people thought that he's already 12 months??!!! 

Only abah and me cannot get angry with him or he'll be very sad. 

The time when I really suffered when he cried and hide it! He's tried to hide!
Man!!!! Have it to be an  issue for a boy to cry?!!! Just cry lah and it made me cried well eventually. 

" kakak, kakak nak balik unimas dah ke?"

"......... hmmm, nanti bulan 4 kak balik la.."

"la....knpa lama sgt?"

"ok.. kak balik bulan 1"

"ala... tak nak la cam tu. akak pegi pastu malam tu akak balik"

"hah???!!! mana boleh cm tu?"

and the conversation ended with his cry and mine at sofa. 

Sedih gila!

He knows to hide his feeling and I really suffocated with this!

Mushy gila. Jiwang karat semua belasah!

:) now, he knows to selawat . hehehe. Semangat gila masa dia selawat hari tu.

Ateh msged to him :

"kakak, adek dah reti selawat!"

hew hew, teriuh i made a call after that!

Oh man, i really love my brother! for Allah's sake!

p/s : makin pendek post. esok! i fly to get back home!


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