A Bliss 2012 Closure

Assalamualaikum wbth.. A bliss 2012 closure. Yes, bliss as I got attended mukhayyam for the first time of my life. FYI, mukhayyam is one of wasilah tarbiyah. They named it Mukhayyam Akhwat 2012. See it? akhwat only. (ohh yeah, naik tanduk la aku). Happily be seated in front besides Kak Huda ( a teacher from SMK Pending, if im not mistaken), she comes all the way from the house and took us (aku, hawa, hickmah, intan) from our college and begin the mardhatillah (seeking Allah bless) journey to Kem Alapong, Lundu.

Almost taking 2 hours to get there, and car air-con was really spreading the sleepy aura.

(iye lah tu... kalo abah, mesti dah cakap macam ni "hampa ni otak lemah, tak dan berapa minit dah tidoq, tengok abah - dah umoq dekat 60 pon..maintain lagi" and -__-'). 

Moments before i got sleeped, a talk with Ust Pahrol Juoi from IKIM.fm on air (and the talk is really catchy as it touch something about doa and next, ZZZZZ) and when I woke up, Dr.Muhaya is on the air.

 One of her word that made my eyes glared immediately ....

".....student medic ni kalo tak belajar sungguh2 macam dah buat lesen untuk bunuh org...." (sort of like that maa..)

License? Killing People? 

me : ................ 

(reflecting to everything that i had done in previous semester, its really sort of regret...but it's didn't mean i have to stop and just ditch my dream. Rite? Im the one who really put her faith on her dream even sometimes, i even couldn't see the dream shadows. Fullstop)

Bring it on, baby!

Back to Mukhayyam story, actually when the good times happens to come, i really don't know to describe those feeling in words rather than, always remember it and simply appreciate it as well. And so, there no much to tell about my first mukhayyam actually (Infinite Alhamdulillah as Allah will me to have all the 3 days 2 night for Mukhayyam) and  I think a picture would be fine to tell everthing.

One of the thing that really unforgettable was the time to create a poem, we sit on the seashore rocks and really absorbed in those fascinating sea and begin to write, although first, everyone just doodled it but finally, it's really watered those cheeks. Not because of the gallons sea water but from the grateful sense from those seeking-mardhatillah hearts. 

this is what we called "memori".

My Ateh (on the very right) succeed to score straight A's in her PMR'12 .
Ateh : if you were happen to read this, im proud of u, dear! Infinite Alhamdulillah!

SubhaAllah. Lundu - Bliss and Divine Camp to have :)

2012 is one of the years that really made many memories. Memori.

  • Getting SPM result 8A 1B = 1A+, 3A, 4A-, 1B+ (for world, it's just an ordinary result compared those having all  heaven A+ in their result but for me, Allah had really heard my prays and i felt very enough, nothing more or less. Alhamdulillah)
  • Get into asasi, usrah - events that really made an interval in my life. 
  • worse sem1 result...oh yeah.
  • accompanied adek and ummi to register for adek pre-school at my elementary school, SK Sungai Karangan. (He's really grow up...)


Bye-bye, adios 2012.... 2013..bring it on (dah 3rd  january pon)


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