when a lil' boy thought the 'thanks'.....

Assalamualaikum wbth..

Sometimes the word "thanks" would balm the hot heart straight away. Indeed. I will fell extremely pleased when people thanked me when i did something good deed to them. As a return, 1 just want a thanks. only it. Yea.. i knew that the habit to thank people isn't being the culture yet. But, my only super boyfriend, he thought me the "thanks" (he is my brother . ok. 5-year-old ;))

This happened about past months ago when I was in my bedroom (buang masa je), suddenly my sis's friend came and do ask a Science UPSR questions to me. Yes, she had a so-called study group together with my sister. I did explained to me and sometimes, my explanation beyond the UPSR's syllabus. hahaha... padan muka!!

We finished the long explanation - and she go away just like that with no salam (at least... at a second, ok. she's just 12-years old) .Padahal aku geram gak tuh!!!

Out of blue, my lil' adik said to me ,

"akak!!, terima kasih ye ajar cikmek (bukan nama sebenar) tuh"

Frozen. My adik repeated it until i just say and smile to him, " Ok, adik!"

Look! A lil' boy could say thank even the good deed is not for him. He glads that I helped that kerek girl. Indeed, I should ashamed to myself. Did you??? See.. everyone could be a teacher even he/she is younger than us or animals. So guys, tune down our ego's essence and do say....


and it will be the best, as if we say....


p/s : Thank you, people!


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