hye... currently, im at caun's , bndr laguna merbok.. teacher do give us the most sayang bbm .. fyi stands for balik bermalam.. ahhaa
my presentation for malay language class turn to the political coversation...
yeah.. got to admit it.. it's quite awkward la.
one of my classmate do asked me about BERSIH..
well.. im not a debater.. it had cause me to be quite emotional..
she asked do you agree or not about the Bersih..
then.. without thinking so much....
i said.. saya menyokong perhimpunan tersebut kerana ianya merupakan suara hati rakyat mengenai ketidakpuasan hati mereka trhp k'jaa.. look.. it's wrong fact.. but it more on the election.
the class had turn... no suitable words for it...
then, some of my classmates.. called me .. oiii bersihh... kureng tol la...
yahh. enuff wif the politic!! what i said do not change the system as im still underage!

last week, i got MOCK INTERVIEW for scholarships. the ethiques that we should obey...
for girl... you need high heel!! but what i can concluded that i hate high heel.. terompah kayu ok lgi kowt.. hahaha
wearing baju kurung... corporate colours....
at 8. am all of ZENITH GENE. members WENT to the Abdullah Munsyi Library for the talk of scholarship. that was entitled SCHOLARSHIP. ACE YOUR WAY! by madam Siti Rafizah Fatimah, An english literature from UiTM PERLIS! there so much info that i got.. im impressed wif her english.. mantop... ala.. kan lecturer!!
about 3 hours.. our minds had to battle wif the talk.. c'mon t8 it easy..

my weakness.. my speaking still worse!! my adek pronouncation even better than me.. that what my umi told so.. ahaha
the question..... besa2 je.. but the panel.. only a panel... she asked me and then,,, stgi pggl ye kwn2 kat lain.. hmmph ... okay

thean... owh.. ak da mals nie

current : here.. quite bising.. caun get excited tgk bola malaysia vs chelsea..
mybe her adrenaline had rise up.. ahaha


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